Curly Hair Hairstyles:

Expert Tricks

As for your care, curly hair needs a lot of nutrition. Choose shampoos and conditioners that contain natural lipids such as shea butter, jojoba oil or macadamia, these ingredients protect the hair with a thin film to preserve its shape. You should also use finishing products that are specific to curly hair . Finishing products will give more resistance and elasticity to your curls, without drying them out too much or leaving them with a sticky appearance.

  • The heat of the dryer dries out curly hair. Let your hair dry in the open air and if you're in a hurry and can't do it, lower the temperature of your dryer and use a diffuser.

  • The hair straightener is too aggressive. Use it very promptly and always after applying a heat shield.

  • If you know how to comb the curls, a scaled cut always gives more life to the curly hair but be careful not to cut the strands of the top of the head too much.

  • Do you prefer soft waves in the style of the  hairstyles of the 20s rather than large curls? To achieve this retro result apply a curling cream, comb your hair as you prefer and fix each strand with tweezers mark waves at the chin. Dry your hair with the dryer using a diffuser, wait for it to dry and remove the tweezers. Comb your hair very carefully.

  • Do you want to get the hairstyle-tousled effect on trend? Apply a little foam on dry hair and spirally coarse tufts using the papillote technique (wrap them in foil). Dry your hair with the dryer for a few minutes and once it has cooled remove the papillotes. Don't brush your hair, just run your hands through the curls to shape them.

  • Do you have very frizzy hair with very small and tangled curls? The hair curlers will transform your hair into a mane with soft and light curls. As a general rule, the bigger the curlers, the bigger and more generous your curls will be .

  •  Curly hair becomes less tangled if after washing it we comb it with a comb well attached to the head, just apply a little lacquer afterwards and let it dry in the open air.

  • When using curlers or the papillote technique, roll each strand evenly, exerting the same pressure. Avoid bending the tips very sharply.

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